The Goddess of Dubuque

Inspired by the world’s beauty and empowering those around her, Chrystina Morteo, CEO and Founder of Gaia Bare Care, also owns and operates the thriving Gaia Waxing Beauty and Wellness Studio. Chrystina is a licensed Esthetician and successful businesswoman whose mission is to use her inspiration from the Gaia Goddess to create a jumping off point to embracing our womanhood, & claiming our power.

Throughout her career, Chrystina spent many years listening to her waxing clients. They had issues with ingrown hairs, razor burn, and cystic blemishes - and they couldn’t find a product that wasn’t loaded with harsh chemicals to heal their skin. Chrystina, along with her team, set out on a mission to develop their own skincare line free of harsh chemicals, but still yielded results. She wanted to make sure every client received the royal treatment (products with only the best ingredients) and felt like a goddess with glowing skin. 


With her clients raving about their newly created products and seeing incredible results, Chrystina and her team decided to spread beauty to the world by launching the Gaia Bare Care skincare line in 2021. Now, you can get the royal treatment for yourself!


Gaia Bare Care products are micro batched in Dubuque, Iowa, and formulated with clean ingredients free of parabens and sulfates. Our products are plant-based and cruelty-free…all because you deserve the royal treatment!

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