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Gritty Goddess Exfoliating Bar | Shave and Wax Prep

Gritty Goddess Exfoliating Bar | Shave and Wax Prep

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Even a goddess has to get down and gritty, especially when it comes to itchy, dry skin, painful bumps, and ingrown hairs. The Gritty Goddess high-grade exfoliating bar contains a meditative essential oil blend including Palo Santo, known for clearing negative energy, destressing, and reducing pain and inflammation. The 100% natural exfoliant bar, along with its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, will leave your skin with the perfect goddess glow.

Because our soaps are handcrafted, there may be variances in size and appearance from bar to bar.  Rest assured, however, that the weights shown for each product are the minimum size it may be, and in some cases, you may actually receive a larger size than described.

HANDCRAFTED FOR QUALITY: All our soaps are handmade in small batches to ensure that you receive the highest quality product. Our products are made in Dubuque, Iowa, not some overseas factory, so you also support a small “Made in the USA” business.

DOESN’T DRY OR IRRITATE YOUR SKIN: We carefully choose our ingredients to create a soap that is mild on your skin, non-irritating and will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Except for our exfoliating soaps, all our soaps are gentle enough to use on your face and the rest of your body, so there is no need for multiple soaps in the shower. Our soaps do not contain the harsh chemicals found in most commercial soaps you find at your local supermarket or drug store.

THE ONLY ANIMALS THAT OUR PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN TESTED ON ARE THE 2-LEGGED HUMAN TYPE: We don’t test our products on cute fluffy animals- we test them on ourselves and our friends. If they don’t make our skin feel special, we won’t offer them to you.

We love our Earth, and we know you do too! That's why our soap PACKAGING IS 100% COMPOSTABLE.


Anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, anti-bacterial, and healing properties. Ideal for itchy, dry skin, painful bumps, and ingrown hairs.

Essential oil blend is meditative with Palo Santo, clears negative energy, destresses, reduces pain and inflammation.

Shea Butter: Its high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids — combined with its easy-to-spread consistency — make it a great product for smoothing, soothing, and conditioning your skin. Perfect for all skin types

Babassu oil: Packed with antioxidants and healthy fats, it can boost the health of your skin and hair, moisturizing them without causing you to feel greasy or develop acne.

Jojoba Beads: Environmentally friendly, exfoliating benefit

Loofah: Using Loofah in the recipe avoids the buildup of bacteria in a shower loofah while still removing the dead, dull skin cells on the surface

Olive Oil Pomace: Has a disinfecting, cleansing effect on the skin and is used to make many skin care or hair care products. It is also used as a base essential oil in producing mild and creamy olive oil soap due to its easy saponification. Helps to strengthen nails and soften cuticles.


100% Natural & Organic Ingredients: Olive oil, pomace, babassu, water, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, loofah, jojoba beads, titanium dioxide, and our signature blend of essential oils.


3.4 oz | 100.55 ML

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